Mt. Seymour

Project Overview

Thompson Community Services, a private company that supports individuals with developmental disabilities and their families, originally came to ideaLEVER to help upgrade their website. Their goal was to grow their reach beyond the interior of BC to reflect their service offerings in the Vancouver Area and northern BC communities. I helped get TCS on a board with new brand position and identity package project to effectively reach this goal. After a few months, TCS came back to create a brand new company intranet to support their field staff that I designed a UI for.


  1. Branding
  2. Identity Design
  3. Web design
  4. Intranet UI Design


Changing the course

The company name and brand identity did not reflect the high quality service that they offer which is unique to the private sector care industry. I assisted in brand respositioning workshops with my team to find the new brand essence that would better reflect a cross-province company. Through extensive workshops exploring voice & tone and other investigative techniques we created a brand bible for the client to clarify their mission and values which became the cornerstone for the identity.

Screen Shot 2017-11-10 at 8.34.22 PM

Art Direction

Identity Design 

Reflecting the new personality

The old logo had an abstract concept that was hard to understand. The idea of individuals embracing each other was lost on viewers and the type did not compliment the icon design well. Through a long discovery process, I came up with dozens of different directions that took the original concept of the individuals and incorporate some of the identified company values. The concept of lifting up an individual to live their best life was the chosen direction. I iterated on the concept of silhouettes in a number of different styles, resting on the simple upward arms which became a nice continuation of the old identity's original concept.

tcs-beforeafter (1)

Web Design

Product Site Design 

Extending the new identity to online

With TCS expanding across British Columbia, the website needed to be localized to each community to give a sense of being truly integrated and established the the individual communities. I created a simple brochure site structure with a localization plan that could get visitors to their community in two clicks or less. With no supporting graphics for the brand, the challenge was to create a cohesive look that was also implemented with accessibility in mind for persons with disabilities (such as elderly, and people whos vision is impaired). We implemented features such as text resizers, integrated screen reader support, and high contrast design. It has become the customer facing destination for those looking for care for loved ones. 


UI & UX Design

Company Intranet

With employees spread all over the province, in both busy metropolitan areas and remote northern communities, TCS needed a central area to support their care givers with the most up-to-date and accurate information of their clients. I created a portal for support staff to access patient information, create notes, and send reports to TCS. The result is a cloud-based intranet accessible from anywhere that works on tablets and keeps sensitive information safe. The TCS management team can also use the data for reporting to provincial organizations, and managing their staff from anywhere.

Branding: Victor Wong and Lea Gucciardi | Art Direction: Lea Gucciardi | Business Card Design: Mike Jurek | Trifold Design: Victor Wong | Back-End Development: Jeramy Marshall | UI & UX Design: Lea Gucciardi | Application Front-End Development: Reizel Guarin | Web Design: Lea Gucciardi | Website CMS Implementation: Mike Jurek

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