iceni data

Mt. Seymour

Project Overview

Iceni data is an online application built with the goal to disrupt the data analytics industry that works with donor data for charities and non-profits. The app is designed to empower organizations to create better marketing decisions, backed by their data, so they can continue their enriching work. Through the short lifespan of this product I have crafted an identity, laid the foundation for the brand, launched an onboarding website and implemented a dashboard fit for data scientists.


  1. Branding
  2. Art direction
  3. UI/UX design
  4. Web design and development


Memorable and Marketable 

Originally called Data Prospector, I lead the client to the concept of the name Iceni Data through a series of exercises in a branding workshop. Through creative story telling questions we captured the essence of the company personality and had many entertaining conversations. We came to rest on Iceni [eye-see-knee] Data. A strong and memorable name with a story behind it.

Art Direction

Identity Design 

Crafting a bespoke icon worthy of the silicon valley

Inspired by the background of the brand meeting colliding with contemporary innovation, we moved away from obvious bars and graphs and went with a celtic influenced icon, relating to the backstory of iceni.

The eye is representative of A) celtic influences from the iceni tribe period B) contemporary irish references the celtic knot and C) the user seeing insights in their data in a way never seen before. Our team also played idea of a play on words in the name itself. From the word iceni is the idea of “I see”.

During the creative process, I was cognisant of finding the balance between the mingling of competing ideas. To make it feel exclusive and cutting edge without losing the friendliness. Also, having the appearance of being accessible to less savvy users adopting the technology for the first time.

The client challenged me to make the brand feel contemporary and trendy without losing the sanctity of established benchmarks that people using it would already trust. 

Identity Design

Choosing a direction

While we loved the idea of the celtic eye, I wanted to explore a few different styles of presenting the eye to make it clear and simple. The first iteration could easily be lost and wasn't an original enough concept. I went through hundreds of sketches of iterations on the eye shape, coming to rest on a more symmetrical design that is pleasing to the viewer. Making the "c" stand out became less of an importance in the design when settling on the final version. Instead, infinity style circles that join – in a style similar to the trinity knot – became the resting point. From there I played with color combos to get the exact right mood for the brand that would lend themselves well to a dashboard design.


UI & UX Design

Web App Design

Creating the google analytics of donor data

The proof-of-concept started as a bland reporting interface that generated bar graphs with interactive pre-designed tables. When I stepped in, I took the team through their due diligence on creating a UX plan and integrating a custom on-boarding process and generaring user stories so we had the fine details and requirements for the interfaces. In this process I built a flexible framework around the data allows the functionality of the product to evolve as it matures over its lifespan.

The deep color palate, balanced with cool neutrals, complements the brand and helps display a huge amount of data in a small amount of real estate while maintaining its accessibility and readability. It allows the interface to be invisible and for the data to shine.

During my research, I realized that the product had no differentiating features from its competition besides price point. So I proposed the idea of including data insights in the interface, which are now focused K.P.I’s that give tangible value to the users. These top insights is now a feature that continues to wow new beta users, setting iceni apart from the crowd.


Clarity out of complexity 

For the interface design, the biggest challenge was the complex data controller. Instead of re-inventing the wheel, i evolved an industry standard presentation to a more digestible format. Users are able to drill-down into their data with custom time ranges and segmentation. 


UI & UX Design

Onboarding Experience

I took the team through their due diligence on creating a UX plan and integrating a custom on-boarding process. Chock full of areas of opportunity for easing sticker shock for a product with a high price point.

Web Design

Product Site Design 

Capturing leads for a new industry disruptor

Preceding an important conference where we would test the beta, I lead the team to expedite a product website for the new company with the goal of generating leads. In a short 4 weeks we went from a blank canvas to launch. Under a tight deadline, I produced a small library of simple branding assets which were easy for the team to follow while assisting with content creation and deployment. 

I pioneered the use of prototyping tools like Avocode to quickly communicate my ideas to the client as well as speed up the implementation. This also aided a seamless handoff of assets to development so I could focus on print ephemera for the conference. I was responsible for directing my junior designer to create graphics in the likeness of the approved artwork, and help as the technical lead of the front-end development.

Art Direction: Lea Gucciardi | Back-End Development: Derek Luce | UI & UX Design: Lea Gucciardi | Application Front-End Development: Lea Gucciardi | Web Design: Lea Gucciardi | Website CMS Implementation: Reizel Guarin

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