Contiki EPD2 Campaign

Mt. Seymour

Project Overview

Meet the Contiki Travel Styles

In response to the backlash to homogenous “millennial marketing” - our consumers understand there is no such thing as one type of millennial and no such thing as a one-size-fits-all millennial product. Diversit and inclusion are demanded of brands and this campaign was Contiki's way of showcasing that group travel experiences can be just as unique as the travelers themselves.

Creative Brief

Getting Over the 'Booze & Bonk' Reputation

By showcasing the 8 different travel styles, Contiki could tailor the messaging and experience to all the different travelers that wants to do a Contiki, including the older millenial audience of 25-28 who want to experience more in-depth and freestyle time in each destintation with the new travel style: independant insider.

We launched the travel styles campaign with a travel style quiz via a cute and audience friendly Facebook messenger chat bot that matches the quirks and personalities of travelers with their idea Contiki Tours based on their travel style. These travel styles and the quiz were promoted through organic and paid social posts on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

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Digital Marketing

Affiliate Banners

I decided to take a less traditional way to execute the digital banners using the more neon teal colour paired with the bright fuschia buttons which performed exceptionally well. These banners outperformed the other 9 contiki regions worldwide and were picked up to help boost conversion in other regions like Contiki biggest operating regions: Contiki Australia and Contiki UK.

External Channels and Print

Print Media

Direct advertising is not the only tool Contiki uses. With the power that travel agents have in selling Contiki to adventure seekers, every campaign issues a custom trip promo flyer, poster, and other miscellanious items out to travel consortia and partners to keep Contiki top of mind for sales agents across the country.

Campaign Design and Art Direction: Lea Gucciardi | Marketing Strategy + Canadian Creative Director: Lauren Howard | Copywriting & Digital Content: Chantal Ford | Landing Page Design + Development: Lea Gucciardi

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